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Corporate Pack

Choose the number of protective masks suitable for your business.
The total number must be a minimum of 25 units.

mínimo 25 uni.
137,50 €
Note: The file containing the personalization of names by pattern and sizes must respect a predefined model. You can download the template here.
Logo must be at least 472x472px, with .png or .jpg extension.
Note 1: Select the placement of the Name and Logo. 1
Note 2:Decoration elements included in the bottom edge of the mask may have reduced visibility with the mask on.
PVP 137,50 €
137,50 €/pack | 25 uni.


Promote the responsible use of the mask in your workplace and boost team spirit.
With the Corporate Pack you can customize various masks (minimum 25) with a pattern, size, name, day of the week and your company logo quickly and efficiently.

Use the Excel file to enter names, quantities and inscriptions.

1 Names, week day and logo are not required.

Outer layer: 100% Recycled Polyester;
Middle Layer: Two Non-Woven Layers (50% PES / 50% PA);
Inner layer: 100% Organic Cotton.

* Our face masks are reusable textile products and are not medical devices.


Certified for 25 washes with 90% filtration efficiency and high breathability;

According to DNP TS 4575: 2020 standard;

According to CWA 17553: 2020 (European Commitee for Standardization);

Raw materials certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100;

Construction following WHO recommendations.

How to use the mask


Our masks are manufactured in various sizes for a better fit.

Choose the correct model by measuring x and y as shown in the image.

Width (X axis) ~ 150 mm
Height (Y axis) ~ 135 mm
Size generally used by young people and adults with small faces.